Shhhh!! Don’t tell anyone this but…

This afternoon I was hit by a sudden realisation, it crept up on me while I was preparing a brunch-time snack of a grilled bacon, tomato and mayonnaise sandwich.  Only the bacon was grilled, not the tomato or the mayonnaise.  So, there I was grilling away, or rather the grill was grilling, I was merely giving the illusion that I was doing something productive and that, dear reader, is when I was aware of the realisation, just as it had smacked me over the head with a beaten up old transistor radio, when I was a child we used to call them trannies oh whatever happened to those days of innocence?!

Anyway, I digress, I know you’re eager to know just what this realisation was… it came to me in the form of a song, not just any old song. Oh no!  It was the song playing on the transistor radio as I gave the illusion that I was grilling bacon for my sandwich.  As I reached for the kettle to add water to the cup that would hold my tea I realised that I was, in a manner of speaking, dancing!!  Actually, I was not only dancing, I was singing along to the song, a song that I had heard first many years ago, in 1984 to be exact.  A song that at the time I probably liked but for reasons of male machismo I had never admitted to liking and that was the realisation, dammit… I like(d) Wham!  There, I said it, happy now?

In my defence, I was an ardent believer back then that George Michael was gay and it’s reassuring to know that I wasn’t wrong, my gay radar was obviously finely tuned, unlike most of the girls I went to school with who dreamt of having his children. I know how they feel, I still secretly long for Jodie Foster but I’m starting to accept that it’s unlikely that she will ever hunt me down and force me to impregnate her but if you’re reading this Jodie (and why wouldn’t she be?) drop me an email and I’ll tell you where to find me, the sooner we get it over with the happier I’ll be ;)

So, I guess you’re wondering what the song was that made me realise I liked Wham?  Let’s face it, they had a lot of hits, surprising really with that talentless wonder Andrew Ridgely, who once came into a pub where I worked and complained because the regulars openly ridiculed him for miming in most of the songs.  Anyway, enough digression, here is the song which had me digging my groove in the kitchen today, enjoy!

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