Cleaning, shopping and girrrrrls

Right, slightly pissed off as I sat and wrote one of those wondrous entries where it all just seemed to flow out, pressed publish and all that bloody appeared was the title!! Damned JavaScript error meant that although it’s supposed to be a WYSIWYG editor it was more a case of WYSINWYG…

So, what was this previous entry about? Well, it was about me cleaning my flat after almost 2 months of neglect…yes, the shame of it :-( tho in my defence the kitchen and bathroom were always fairly clean and I rarely use the living room so it wasn’t as dirty as it could have been. I guess the reality is it wasn’t very dirty but I knew I hadn’t cleaned so I guess that’s what made me feel so bad about it! Anyway, the flat is spick and span and smelling of bleach.

I also ordered groceries and booze via, though I really will have to consider using someone else. For the 3rd time they failed to deliver stuff they have charged for, OK, so all it takes is a phone call and they refund it but dammit, it always seems to be something essential that they fail to deliver. Today it was prawns, now I had bought avocados so I could make prawn guacamole, sure I can have plain old guacamole but I wanted to make prawn guacamole!! I had also bought clams so I could make seafood pasta…Hmm will have to be clam pasta now! But what’s worse is their out of stock list, now OK, having no black pudding is allowable but no eggs?!!? and worse than that….NO VODKA! they did however have the limes I bought which will be slightly redundant withing nothing to pour over them! Not to worry, I have just eaten so I’m feeling much better about it than I was an hour or so ago, or maybe it’s the fact Incubus are playing very loudly in my living room thats appeasing my mood??

Had a look on SnogLondon earlier, Sheesh there are some very pretty girls on there, here’s one and here’s another I shall now consider whether or not I shall email them, well, actually I have emailed one and she has replied so it wasn’t as hard as I thought… but still, why can I come here and write a 2,000 word essay on cleaning, Tesco and the pretty girls on a dating site yet I can’t just send a quick email saying hello?! Answers on a postcard to Omneo, PO Box 17

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