Homethoughts from abroad

Not sure if anyone has heard Clifford T Ward but his song Homethoughts from abroad is a beautiful song that is well worth seeking out.

Now, on with the other stuff. The SnogLondon meet up on Friday was good fun. Earlier on in the night I met up with Heena and we went for a drink in Farringdon, sadly couldn’t convince her to come along to meet ‘the gang’

Again, some old faces and some new ones turned up, which is always good to see, would be nice to get more people involved tho not sure how to do that, I guess some people just want to use the site soley as a dating site but it would be good to encourage a few more show up for events, tho maybe we need to have more that don’t revolve around getting drunk and watching the girls snog each other!

Met Stacey for lunch on Saturday which was nice, we had a pleasant chat and after leaving La Perla had a quick drink in Salvador & Amanda before taking her Kings Cross as she was going to St Albans visit Lis.

Went home, arrived to find some emails one of which was asking me out on a date, very surprised and flattered too, even more so when I got another one on Sunday, must be this new aftershave ;-)

back at work now and sheesh I wish I were on holiday!

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