Happy New Year!!

OK, I’m a little early in wishing it but hear me out…

I’m not going to be at my computer for any length of time between now and 2nd January, so if I don’t wish you all a Happy New Year now, it’ll be too late and then you’ll all think I was a rude so and so for not wishing you a Happy New Year!!

This year you’ll be pleased to know I don’t intend following my tradition of posting a photograph of me drunk in my kilt. I guess I’m starting to care about others too much!

What are my plans? Well, Fred is working today so Cécile will be alone, if it weren’t for her sister and mother flying over from Nice to spend NYE with her, so I’m tagging along, after all what guy could resist being in the company of 3 French ladies?! Not me!!

There’s a party going down at Kilburn and then on 1st Jan there’s a group of Snog Londoners meeting so I may appear at both, one or none at all…who knows?

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