What I miss…

This weekend was fairly productive.

After much thought, on Friday evening I eventually paid a visit to the superstore owned by Mr Block and Mr Quayle* and purchased a new, larger letterbox, whilst I was there I had to buy a saw and a small keyhole saw, whilst rambling around the store I also bought some draught excluders for the bottom of the doors. Total cost £43.87…sheesh, I would have been cheaper going to the pub!!

So, Saturday saw me install new letterbox, not too difficult a task, though I could have probably saved £10 and not bothered with either of the saws, instead remembering I had some chisels!! Anyway, end result is nice shiny brass letterbox on door… Downside is the door now needs painted!!

Got a text message from Emma and Michelle (from SL) asking if I was going to the ‘mini-meet’ I decided after a day of toil a drink was on the cards… So, after dinner and a shower I set out and waited at the bus-stop. The bus stop is outside the Hare and Hounds pub. I gather its a popular place, every time I pass it it is busy, day, night, mid-week, weekend… So, as I waited for a number 55 bus I watched people arrive and enter the ‘watering hole’ it set me thinking…

Years ago I went to the pub 4 or 5 times a week, it was a nice time, from what I recall. Whatever the day, chances were you’d find someone you knew in the pub, I had a selection of pubs I frequented and I imagine the Hare and Hounds is just such a pub for a lot of people, a place to pop in to catch up with some familiar faces for a drink and a laugh. I realised I missed not having that ‘security blanket’ of a place to go to find someone to talk to. Don’t get me wrong, there is much that is/was wrong with going to the pub so often. There is the obvious physical degregation of the body together with the less obvious psychological damage done… But that’s another story. Not only do I not have a regular pub to frequent where I will know people, I have few drinking friends to meet in one! It was around this time I decided that as 40 minutes had elapsed since I first arrived at the bus stop, no number 55 bus was coming, so I walked back home, made a cup of tea and sent a text to Emma and Michelle to say I wouldn’t be joining them… I watched The Producers on DVD instead…almost as funny as the stage version.

Sunday saw me walk to tesco, now I have had to cancel the gym membership I guess a brisk half mile walk can count as exercise. On the way back I again stopped in on Mr Block and Mr Quayle’s corner shop for a tin of paint, some masking tape and a letterbox draught excluder. Total cost: £21.90

Went home, washed door, sanded door, applied layer of undercoat and then mopped kitchen and bathroom floor. Then started painting door… finished painting and waited for paint to dry… mother of androids… 6hrs later and it still wasn’t dry and all the while I had to keep the door open so the house was freezing, anyway, jobs done now… nice dark blue door with a brass victorian styled letterbox… lovely!

Now it’s Monday, time for work…

* Mr Block and Mr Quayle, in case you haven’t already guessed, founded B&Q

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