Yackity Yack

OK, so yet another weekend has almost passed by and what did I do? Yes, something resembling DIY. I thought DIY was an area reserved for people who had just bought a property or husbands who were sick of being nagged by the wife to fix something?!

As usual Mr Omneo gets it wrong again! Let me explain…

The house I currently rent is a very large one bedroomed abode in Leyton (safe enough to reveal that for all you stalkers out there) it was freshly decorated when i moved in, all the rooms were done in very tasteful white and magnolia and papered in ‘wood-chip’, the stuff thats 50p a roll more expensive than lining paper on account of the shredded matchsticks they add for texture.

Hey, I rent, it didn’t bother me when I moved in and to a certain extent it still doesn’t. However the problem arose in the bathroom, I noticed that the wallpaper was coming away from the wall, especially where the tiles stopped around the bath, the landlords workmen obviously used half the tiles that were supposed to cover the shower area on their cash in hand job, so I made a mental note that i should re-paper the toilet at some point. That was last August/September.

In December I was visiting my friend William and noticed he was throwing out 4 rolls of very expensive wallpaper. the type that is water wouldn’t easily penetrate so I I reserved them and said I’d use those to repaper the bathroom – problem sorted! Of course weeks turned into months and he kept asking when i was going to collect the wallpaper. Well, after my DIY burst the other week when I put in a new letterbox and painted the front door I thought… “OK, the bathroom is next, but I should have a week end off”

On Tuesday of this week I was in the bathroom, doing what one does and I decided to start removing the paper, as per usual I gave up after 5 minutes because I couldn’t really be bothered. I decided on Saturday, while the sun shone brightly and everyone was outside to remove the wallpaper, the plan being, remove all the wallpaper Saturday, visit William and collect new stuff on Saturday night and paper on Sunday… the best laid plans of mice and men…

As I started removing the wallpaper I realised that the landlord obviously employed Bonnie and Clyde and the crew from Bonanza to decorate… The wallpaper came of very easily, mainly due to it being attached to around 5 layers of gloss paint in some areas and chunks of concrete in others!! Again, I gave up and decided to finish it on Sunday. There was a SL meet going down and Alessio wanted to go see the Chemical Brothers at Brixton Academy.

As it transpired, no Chemical Brothers gig for me and no SL meet either, which was a shame as a few people were going that I wanted to chat to, as well as a few I wasn’t too fussed either way.

I did manage to initiate contact with someone on SL who, from her photos and her profile makes me think, “Mmm she’s uber desirable” but I have never had the nerve to email her… in a moment of clarity I realised I must be the only person on the planet who stares at a keyboard for hours trying to pluck up the courage to write an email, however I decided this was going on no longer and I finally pressed the send button, I received a nice email in response and that cheered me up.

Decided to watch a DVD, Night on Earth however just before I was about to get offline Claire popped up on MSN so chatted with her for a bit, which was nice.

So, watched the film on Sunday morning then logged onto SL to see what was happening, seems most people enjoyed themselves. Interesting debate on whether money matters when it comes to dating. The fact is it shouldn’t really but we all know the reality is somewhat different.

Spent longer than I had planned emailing back and forth with people on SL, some old faithfuls and a few new people. Was ashamed at myself for having made assumptions about one person and then realising I was completely wrong in what i thought, true what they say, NEVER assume as it only makes an ASS out of U and ME – so, if you happen to read this and realise it’s you I’m referring to, I apologise and thank you for emailing me as I wouldn’t have contacted you, even tho I wanted to. – Hmm how cryptic is that?!

Right, this entry is rambling on far longer than I had planned! I finished removing the wallpaper from the bathroom, I’ve swept up and vacuumed and now I’m going to go eat as I’m famished, I skipped breakfast thinking I’d have a hearty lunch then got distracted by emailing and wallpaper removal to have lunch.

Tonight I have another DVD to watch I’m Not Scared I read the book last year and it was very good, I heard the movie was a good adaptation so we’ll see if it the rumours were true!

Lots of thoughts and stuff but I’ll leave them for another entry, perhaps after I have eaten.

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