This Year’s Love?

Well, after the SL meet on Thursday it made sense to spend Friday relaxing at home, and that’s just what I did. I woke fairly early on Friday morning. Why is that when i have to get up for work my body/brain does not register the importance of getting up but come a legitimate day off and what happens? Up with the bloody birds!!

So, I woke, had breakfast and popped in a DVD, I watched This Year’s Love which I first saw a few years ago, I had forgotten how enjoyable it was. Containing quite a few Scottish actors it’s filmed in Camden Town and tells the 6 people in their 30’s and how over the course of 3 years they each get involved with each other. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy but very ‘real’ It really made me take a look at myself and my own singleton status. The soundtrack is very good too, turns out David Gray was asked to write the soundtrack and it was probably this film that helped him get the exposure he deserves.

So anyway, after drying my eyes, from both laughter and a bit of sadness I set to work trying to rid my colleagues laptop of spyware and viruses – Sheesh just as well I had a day off, finally finished about 12 hours after I started – when will people learn to be wary of what they download?? What was more infuriating was she has Norton Anti-Virus and Ad Aware and Spy-bot but do you think they have been updated and run?? Oh no… well, not since December!!

A blast from the past sent me a message, Jennifer from North Dakota…sigh…. how easy it is for someone to enter your life then run the hell out only to tip-toe back in… At least she read the copy of Perfume that I sent her, even if it was oh so many years ago!

In other news I emailed some people from SL, one in particular i am growing to like but I fear it is going to be one of those unrequited loves, she is hellish smart tho and shares quite a few interests as myself, or is it me who shares them with her? either way, I like chatting with her so will report back should there be anything to report back on :-)

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