End of month…

Phew… it’s almost April, four months into 2005 and I’m wondering where all the days have gone… looking over the blog I realise I have written very little, yet everyday i think, “I wrote an entry the other day, nothing to say”

So, what’s happened since the last entry? Hmm where to start really… Donna from Kettering who studies in Manchester but works in Derby came to visit over easter. Was slightly nervous as wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep her entertained over 2 days, “What if she hates me I thought” But anyway, I headed off to meet her at the station on Sunday night… well, not sure what I was expecting but she was much prettier than I assumed and such good fun!! So, we hit Londinium and had a bite to eat in a very nice Persian restaurant in Covent Garden then looked for a club but the town was dead… can you believe it?! So, home for a cuppa and a chat before I walked her to her des-res – the Sleeping Beauty Motel!!

Met up Monday morning at some ungodly time (around 10am) then caught bus to London Bridge, walked to St Pauls had a bite to eat and watched crazy kids causing parents grief at restaurant. Then on to Somerset House to check out the fountains and then on to the Royal Academy to see the Turks Exhibition – was really rather impressive. Donna studies Turkish at uni so hope she enjoyed it. Into Chinatown for dinner at Mr Kongs then a few drink before racing for the train that took her home… was sad to see her go as I really had a good time. Hope to see her again, soon.

Back to work Tuesday and suddenly here it is, Thursday night and I wonder what happened to Wednesday?! Have been trying to be brave and ask girl from SL out on date but getting nowhere fast, have come to realise that although I sometimes feel I’m being as subtle as an elephant – she probably doesn’t see it that way – so have decided to make a move and just ask her, she says no she says no – no point wasting hours/days/weeks/months thinking about it. Life is after all far too short!

Tomorrow is Sharon’s leaving drinks affair then Saturday I plan on eventually wallpapering the bloody bathroom and I’ve decided as my reward I’m going to have fish n chips :-)

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