DIY Sunday…again!

OK, so Mr Omneo is getting pretty sick and tired of this DIY lark…

As was to be expected, the path to finally decorated bathroom seldom runs smoothly. Saturday was filled with good intentions…remove the rest of the wallpaper, fill in the holes and paper leaving Sunday to bask in the warm glow of a job well done.

As it transpires I didn’t even shift my lazy ass to B&Q to buy wallpaper paste and plaster, in fact I didn’t even make any attempt at DIY on Saturday, although I kept telling myself I would start it in “5 minutes” – a London Underground 5 minutes!!

However Sunday I sprung into action, finally got all the old wallpaper off and discovered a few new holes, figured I’d plaster the holes and leave it overnight to dry and paper on Monday…nip off to B&Q and discover they have closed!! Plod back home and chat to Winton and Bridget in the garden and mention the early closure of B&Q. Winton kindly donates a bag of plaster to the cause and i return to fill in the holes. A task I’ve just completed. Tomorrow I shall purchase a few bags of wallpaper paste and set to papering (or I may leave it till Tuesday!)

Between DIY I chatted to a few folk on MSN, seem to find myself spending less and less time on-line, as can be witnessed by the lack of entries recently, I’m really making an effort to write stuff as I know there are a few insomniacs out there who like to stop by and get their fill ;-)

Donna sent me a great CD of new music, probably not new to anyone else but all new to me, hard to keep up with all these new ‘indie’ bands – I never understood how they could be signed up to Warner EMI, Virgin etc and still be independent…

Saw Bec on-line for the first time in around 2 months, we chatted for 15 minutes or so, promised to keep in touch, not sure if she was just being polite or not – time will tell.

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