A quickie…

SO, after that rather long entry I should of course update on other stuff…

Returned to work on 18th ready to train replacement who was taking over my old job only to discover she had pulled out, so we interviewed two others. The ‘new’ replacement is due to start on 29th, so I’m busy doing the old job and the new one, it’s good, it’s already enjoyable albeit a bit nerve wracking given I don’t actually start any training until Friday 13th May!!

Donna called me in the early hours of Thursday morning to ask what I was doing on Friday night as her boss had given her 2 tickets to go see The Frames – I like Donna, she’s another of those people that I think it will be cool to know in years to come – perhaps it’s because by hanging around with young people I can cling to my own youth? I tend to find myself behaving like a teenager when she’s around – it’s a nice feeling!

I listened to the Frames on the net – wasn’t all that impressed but wasn’t going to tell her that ;-) As it happens I did tell her but wow, live they were fucking great – I now have to add yet another band onto my “I want list” After the gig we went off to Metro on Oxford Street had a few drinks then jumped on night bus home – think she almost had a heart attack on Saturday morning when seeing her off at station I went to kiss her on the lips! (note to self: must remember not everyone is as friendly as self)

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