Rave on

Well, what an exciting week it’s been in the omneo household! About a month ago mr omneo signed up for details on a ‘secret rave’ featuring Faithless, each Friday a clue was revealed by SMS giving more information and last Friday mr omneo got an SMS congratulating him on winning 2 tickets! Woo Hoo!! So, having already told Alessio of this gig he promptly got in touch with Alessio, who was visiting family in Sardinia, who replied that he wouldn’t be able to make it as he was going to be working on Thursday night – oh well thought mr omneo, will find someone I’m sure.

Then on Saturday morning mr omneo received a telephone call:

caller: Is this mr omneo?
mr omneo: yes
caller: did you enter the faithless secret rave ticket competition and get a SMS saying you had won?
mr omneo: yes
caller: I’m sorry to tell you that it was an error and you did not infact win tickets.
(thud as mr omneo’s jaw drops)
caller: Sony/BMG are sorry for any disappointment but would like to offer you a free ringtone.
mr omneo: (in sarcastic tone) oh that’s very kind of them
caller: which tone would you like?
mr omneo: it’s ok, keep it
caller: are you sure? Well there will be 100 tickets available on the door, a SMS will be sent on the night
mr omneo: thanks, goodbye.

oh dear.. mr omneo was most upset and decided to check out the Faithless forum to see if anyone else had received the same message, lo and behold – just about everyone had!

So we all bitched for a while and secretly felt happy for those that had really won tickets. Everyone toyed with whether or not to turn up at Piccadilly circus to see if we could get one of those elusive 100 tickets.

So, on Wednesday mr omneo gets a message from Alessio: “I will see you at the Faithless gig on Thursday as that’s where I’m working!” mr omneo jumps up and down and whoops for joy!! Feeling it’s all about the fans he logs onto the faithless forum and announces he knows where the gig is and invites people to contact him… They do, too many in the end so he reluctantly has to refuse to answer everyone after the 20th – as he figures if all 20 turn up with just one friend there may not be any tickets for him!

Thursday night comes around and mr omneo meets up with Les and Claire who had traveled in from Bristol for this chance, then Ash and Erik join them, Ash had come from Sheffield, Erik had only come from Wimbledon! They head to the Trocadero centre and meet Katja and her friend from Germany and they hang around the VIP entrance to the top level of Funland… But by 8.30pm there are no people around. Claire suggests maybe there is another entrance and this is quickly confirmed when mr omneo asks the security guard who leads them out back – the door staff say the 100 tickets will be available from 10pm the time now is 8.45pm…

Thinking what to do they decide the pub is an option and when someone says Maxi Jazz is in there it’s a done deal! They head to the pub and sure enough Maxi is in he back having a pint and a cigarette – he kindly poses for photos and wishes us luck getting one of the tickets but tells us to ignore the guys on the door and get there at 9.30pm – we trust him and get in!! mr omneo finally believes it when the coveted wristband is fastened to his wrist and he’s counted in – number 18 – yeah baby!

Taken up in the service lift it’s fantastic and what’s more – it’s a free bar all night! mr omneo finds Alessio and the crew all thank him for supplying the location, ensuring we all got there for the rave…

and the rave itself?! One word, three syllables; fan-fucking-tastic!!

mr omneo even took photos, so check them out by clicking here

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