Relax… All is good in the world

OK, perhaps things are just good in mr omneo’s part of the world, but that’s the only one that really concerns him…writers prerogative I guess?!

The visit north of the border was good, it was good to see family members again, 15months since seeing my Gran and 5 or 6 years since seeing uncle and aunt. Weather was, to be expected, wet and grey… but everything was so green!!

On Friday, after a period of 2 years, I met Sarah for a coffee, a chat and we had a bite to eat before walking back to the station. It was remarkable, I was a little nervous before meeting, wondering how we’d get on after a 2yrs gap, wondering if I’d have anything interesting to say, the usual. But we met and chatted and it was as if only a few months had passed, comfortable is how I’d describe it.

I decided that rather than sell the 2 spare REM tickets i have, I’ve offered them to Sarah and her boyfriend, as a sort of ‘2 missed birthday’s’ gift…somehow seems better giving them to someone who’d really appreciate them, who I know – as opposed to selling to highest bidder to, possibly, an appreciative buyer – but one I don’t know… either way – it felt like a nice thing to do so I did it – my days of feeling guilty for doing things likely to make me seen like some gullible fool are over… I know I’m a fool but not so gullible these days ;-)

Work is fine, enjoying the casework, interesting talking to others about their life experiences, I have some ideas as to where I’d like to progress in years to come, but these are early days… I’m just hoping I can maintain my patience at the advice and guidance course – The Somalian guy from Birmingham really is starting to get on my nerves with his constant inane question asking, not helped with a tutor who never tells anyone they are wrong, he just says, “Good answer” so the Somalian assumes he’s right, even when he’s wrong – hence my foul mood!

The weather is glorious, it’s nice to open the kitchen door in the morning, feeling the warmth as I potter around getting ready, then coming home in the evening and again, opening the door and stepping out into my small patch of greenery and wildlife. mr omneo even has potatoes growing in his garden now, along with a multitude of weeds, none of which are smokable – or at least no ones tried so who knows?!

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