Music is my first love…

Music… what would life be like without it? I’ve tried answer that question on many occasions and have come to the conclusion that it would be no life at all.

A friend put me on to a great site for music fans. It’s called Last FM and you can find it at, basically you install a small plug-in to your media player and it sends details of each track you play to a central database then you can find people who listen to the same stuff as you as well as new bands. Check it out, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised!

Other than that, not much happening. Had a good night out last night with Chris and Jon in Camden. Unfortunately it was too good a night, managed to lose my travelcard and debit card and I dread to think what i spent… don’t you just hate those mornings when you wake knowing you took money from the cash machine but have no idea how much you took out? Now I’m afraid to check.

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