Hello Peeps!!

Sheesh kebab, it’s been a while since I scribbled something here, well not so much scribbled as typed… you know what I mean!

Things with work have been keeping me busy and occasionally I’ve been popping out and partying like I’m 24 all over again. I can’t really remember if I partied much when I was 24, I assume because I can’t remember I probably was but who knows, i may just have been slumped over a bar somewhere?!

Have a stack of emails to write to people I haven’t written to in a while, together with a whole host of people I haven’t called but I shall use the christian festival of Christ-mas to get around that and write and call people…so if you think I should be contacting you, just wait and see (hint: it may be easier to email be and say “Hey, call/write me”)

I shall leave you with details of a great cartoon series i found online White Bread Blues, you can find the link at omneo’s download page

Till next time….be good and cheer yourself up, listen to HOUSE music

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