When is Jam Jelly and Jelly Jam?

So, marvelous Julie’s birthday gift finally arrived today and luckily I was home to receive it from the UPS driver who sported more gold than Mr T could aspire to. Although it is December and my birthday was in August, Julie assured me she had bought this jar of jelly way back but had forgot to pack it when she came over in August and so it lay there, sad and lonely in San Francisco waiting to be sent to me…well fear not Rhubarb & Raspberry jelly, your suffering has not been in vain!! Into my tummy you shall go very soon, and I have promised not to use it in yoghurt…gonna be hard to keep that promise but a promise IS a promise, no matter how hard it might be to keep! She also sent me a great rock-a-billy CD from a local (to her) band called Porkchop Express makes me wanna go buy a bottle of bourbon so I can sing-a-long :)

Speaking of UPS, I’m sure Julie paid a pretty penny to have it sent over but before I was allowed to get my greedy mitts on the box I had to fork out ‘Import VAT’, ‘Duties’ and ‘Brokerage Surcharges’ I feel bad for telling Julie never to send me anything by UPS again, but really?! It’s a bit cheeky of them to charge both sender and recipient. But then again, if I were American I’d be used to being charged twice for things, most of us complain about paying for calls we receive while ‘roaming’ but those crazy Americans pay for all calls they receive on their mobiles… I guess while they can get away with it companies will keep charging but come on America.. follow Nancy’s advice and just say NO!

So anyway, I was wondering, when does jam become jelly? I always thought that if it had fruit in it, it was jam, but I’ve had fruit laden jelly before?! is there a rule or is it just another example of Brits and Americans being seperated by a common language?!

The weekend was uninspiring, spent most of it in bed hacking up and not even the comfort of unknown fm to keep me company, but thankfully it’s back on air now but dammit I missed Georgia Girl’s Sunday Sanctuary…

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