Fried Brain

I first ate brain when I was in Morocco, it was mighty tasty. I then tucked into another tasty dish of brains when I was in Australia… I’m not at all sure I ate enough to make me smarter tho.

I say that as I sit, rather numb, from a two day networking course. For the past year I’ve desired to get my employer to pay for me to go on training to try and achieve an MCSA, I’m now wondering what exactly was going on in my head, too many brains perhaps?! I’ve really noticed just how much I don’t know, all the little things that IT guys do on a regular basis that I’ve been ‘fortunate’ enough not to have to worry about are filling up my head and making me think WTF?! Although I’ve now covered subnetting twice now, it’s still not making that much sense to me, perhaps I should have gone on a crochet course instead?!

In other news I can report the sun has been shining, my garden looks green, apart from the patch of soil I dug up last year which I keep weeding, I have to do something about the weeds on the path tho, bits of it look like a jungle… I think I shall try and grow more potatoes, I did grow some last year but it was a very hit or miss affair but I think this year I can increase the crop. I am happy that the mint is flourishing and the garlic is also starting to come up, sadly it was too cold for the basil so I’ll plant some more in a month or two when its warmer… Just have to figure out a way to get rid of the slugs without poisoning everything, someone told me to put down eggshells but the buggers seem to manage to slide right over them!!

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