My disbelief is better than your disbelief…

So, just reading the BBC website news and I was beside myself with laughter at the closing paragraph of this article on Iran’s nuclear programme.

Iran insists its nuclear programme is for civilian energy purposes only. The US and several other nations say they do not believe this.

So, Iraq said it had no weapons of mass destruction, the US said, “We don’t believe you” they ensured that a coalition entered Iraq and decimated a lot of it only to find out…. Iraq really didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction, or if they did (as some Americans still insist) they were of the vanishing variety. Now is it me or is it déja-vu? Because American doesn’t believe something it has some right to just throw it’s toys out of its pram and barge on in with both barrels blazing?

When people accuse America of having ulterior motives in it’s actions they cry out, “If you’re not with us you’re against us!” yet they never seem to consider they may just be wrong? Sure George, go in and invade Iran but don’t be surprised if they don’t roll over like Saddam and if they do have weapons, unlike Saddam, don’t be surprised if they use them. You may be on some ‘mission from God’ but do me a favour and keep him/her/it to yourself. You’ve ensured the early deaths of enough people as it is without actually making the world any ‘safer’ so why assume invading another country just because you don’t believe them will stop the death toll mounting?? If we assume from the facts we’ve gleaned i.e. Saddam/Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, have we really made the world safer? Saddam wasn’t interested in throwing his weight about outside Iraq, he tried with Kuwait and failed so was content to be a big fish in a small pond, Bush on the other hand seems intent on showing his ‘pappy’ just what a monkey he really is.

In other news it rained again today, however I’m thankful I had the foresight to bring my washing in before I left for my course this morning otherwise I’d be left with clothes wetter than when I put them out, perhaps it was because I didn’t believe the weather forecast?!

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