Compact and Bijou

It’s worrying, for two days now the sun has shone so brightly I’ve bravely left the house for work sporting a polo shirt and forsaking a jacket, so sure that I wouldn’t need it and touch wood (touches head) I’ve not needed it. Is this summer time approaching or is nature fooling us and suddenly at around 5pm when all the short sleeved shirt wearers leave the office the skies will suddenly darken and within seconds we will be soaked in a deluge?! Bah who cares? As long as it’s at the end of the day I don’t mind, i just need to get home, and change. What I detest is getting soaked on the way to work, then you have to spend the morning trying to dry out.

So, how about a garden update? The slugs have dispatched to slug heaven along with a few snails. A colleague brought me in an article which explained about some ‘natural’ cure for slugs, some tiny slug eating worms and it sounded good however the smallest pack was £15 and suitable for an area of garden 5 or 6 times the size of mine so I’ll stick with the £2.97 slug pellets! My new problem is the cats! Whilst I like having the local cats visit my garden, i usually have a dish of milk or scraps out for them, i do get more than a little annoyed when they decide to use the scrap of land i propose planting my crops in as a toilet. It seems that no sooner have I weeded it and raked it they pop along and shit in it. So, today I moved things along a bit.

A quick trip to the store founded by Mr Block and Mr Quayle and I returned home with some plastic mesh and some plant sticks. After raking and de-weeding I planted the red onion bulbs I purchased a week ago and then covered my beloved patch of soil with the mesh, i even covered the mint that is flourishing as well as the garlic that is just starting to sprout. Let’s see how the moggies like that!! Tomorrow when there is some daylight I shall photograph said beloved garden and let you all see just what it is I treasure (OK, perhaps treasure is too strong a word, but I like my little back yard haven)

Last night was tres bizarre, I called Jennifer in Fargo, ND and she didn’t want to speak to me!! The feeling of rejection was shocking so I called Julie in San Francisco and chatted to her as she left work and walked to the bar but that was all of 10mins before she said, “Hey, I have to go I’m at the bar” so much rejection so soon, what’s a guy to do? I went to sleep.

Tonight I’m not sure I’ll bother calling anyone, I can’t bear the thought of being told my entertaining conversation is not wanted. I need to find some desperate friends who are happy to be called by a wit such as myself!

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