Free Range pt2

Well, it’s funny about the coincidences we notice in life. While thinking that thought i also thought of how often coincidences must pass us by as we are too busy focusing on other things to notice them.

Observant readers will notice that i have entitled this blog ‘Free range pt2’ and that yesterdays was entitled ‘Free Range’ there is indeed a link there, allow me to explain. Whilst I was leaving work today I mentioned to my colleague, Smokey McPot, that i had blogged on the matter of Waitrose using free range eggs in the mayonnaise they use in their coleslaw. I knew Smokey would appreciate knowing this ‘ethical’ supplier of foodstuffs because he’s a veggie and wears veggie shoes and collects scraps to take to the recycling depot, or that could just be his excuse for sloping off a few times a week.

Anyway, mention of the blog was made and I arrived home to find a padded envelope awaited me, the franked mail label proclaimed it to have been sent from …”Free Range Records” What a funny coincidence I thought to myself and opened it up, inside was a copy of Free Range Records Colour Series: Red 03. At first I puzzled where it came from then I realised it was probably one I won it in a competition on Unknown FM it’s bloody good!

So, consider free range, good for chickens, good for your ears, good for you!

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