A few words on marriage…

So, I was sitting today, with a cup of tea in hand and not much planned so thought I’d read the top 5 bulletins, I usually don’t bother as most are from bands or the odd one or two who just send those ’20 things you won’t believe you wasted 90seconds of your life reading about me and my self-obsessed boredom’ questionnaires. Today however was different, today I have time for the usual things that annoy me because TODAY I don’t give a shit :)

So, I’m skimming through the questionnaire gradually realising that I could never meet the writer in person as she strikes me as a complete whack job, making even me appear 100% sane and I know that’s one thing I ain’t! So, one of the questions was, “What do you think of gay marriage?” to which she replied, “two adults that love each other should be allowed to get divorced the same as everyone else” it seems civil partnerships don’t cut it, people demand equality and choice and if they see someone else have blackcurrant and peach ice cream with banana sauce they want it as well and won’t stop till they get it.

OK, so the gayness of your marriage aside, whether it be gay in ye olde worlde sense of meaning happy or the more modern version of gay which is used to deride everything from a haircut to jazz band, let’s focus on the marriage aspect.

What is marriage and why is it so important?
I tend to think of it as a more quasi-religious union with it’s history steeped in the church and as i don’t believe in any god I feel quite hypocritical to choose to choose to swear my allegiance to my partner in a church, which packs itself out with people who fervently believe in this all knowing god! Not my cuppa char to be sure but I guess if I fall in love with a deeply religious person (I wonder how I’ll meet her?) who practises weekly then I’d be willing to make that sacrifice of principles for love, not quite a cross I know but hey, do I look stupid?

So I figure, if ‘gay’ couples can only enter into a civil partnership but they want to be ‘married’ why don’t they just make everyone enter into a civil partnership and only those who actively practise their religion 3 weeks out of 4 can get ‘married’. Actually if anything it would only be Catholics as they are the main religion to believe in the ‘Sanctity of Marriage’, However, Roman Law permitted prostitution, concubinage, homosexual sex, and sexual access to slaves. The Christian West formally banned these practises – there’s that god character at work again – I wonder why he didn’t outlaw it before? Is it because he didn’t exist until someone thought him up? What if it were all just the result of a game of Chinese Whispers? damn, I’d laugh so fucking hard to see the faces of those whose lives had just be confirmed as useless… But how can you disprove what you can’t prove?! Ahhh… and so the game goes on.

Asexual? Bi-sexual? Heterosexual? Homosexual? What does it really matter to anyone but yourself? Yeah I know, in an ideal world yadda yadda yadda, we don’t live in anything like an ideal world so we’re still expected to pop ourselves into a pigeon hole and then live our lives as defined by that ‘label’ but why do we have to do that? Who decided for homosexuals that civil partnerships weren’t good enough and only marriage would do?? How many heterosexuals would much rather be in a civil partnership than tied by some religious claptrap, it seems that if you’re a Catholic your god isn’t very forgiving if you fall out of love with the person you marry – he demands you stay married like it or not – doesn’t sound that nice a guy to me, if he were at school we’d call him a bully!

So, that’ll teach me to read fucking Myspace bulletins, why do I believe one day i’ll read a bulletin questionnaire that had some interesting questions in it??

Hmmm… I’ve just realised that for once in a long time, I didn’t really think about the blog title, as regular reader(s) will know, I usually get my blog titles from a a line in song. However as Myspace provoked this entry I settled with a bland titles, “A few words on marriage” Reading that again it makes me think of the title to a small booklet that you might get handed at a train station and upon opening you’d find it was the work of a quiet reformist religious order of monks who wanted to share with you their vision of marriage. Actually, having said that, perhaps that’s me? perhaps i am the first in a new order?! Fuck, I better get planning, i have lists to compile, contradictions to face, opinions to form and more importantly, a song to find to add to this entry :)

OK, after a short break I have decided on a song to finish this entry. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs I give you, Waiting for the Miracle by Leonard Cohen

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