It’s good to talk…

Interesting that it was both the Scots and the Italians who were busy trying to invent very useful items at the same time; the telephone, the electric light bulb, television… OK, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, I guess TV’s are good for holding vases and goldfish bowls?!

So anyway, a few years ago I, like a lot of people discovered Skype and played around with it but I got bored with bad sound quality (this was in the days of dial-up!) and messy microphones and speakers/headphones. Anyway, I recently rediscovered Skype only because I was planning on chatting to someone from Myspace who is in Japan. I then realised how much money I’d save if a few of my overseas contacts used Skype, not only that… I’d probably be more inclined to talk more!

So, do I know you? No matter what the answer is just ask yourself this, “Do you want to talk to me?” now if the answer to that is yes then why don’t you add me on Skype and we can do just that!

Add me to Skype

Other than that, nothing new to report. Life goes on for the majority of us, quite probably with no deviation from every other day that has gone past but for some, huge earth shattering changes have taken place. Changes that make you question why were are here, what we have done to deserve the misery that fate has served us up. I’m not personally affected by such a change right now but right now 2 friends are suffering and I hate being unable to offer anything more than words.

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