The dating ‘game’

OK, so out of curiosity I looked up the word ‘game’ in dictionary, there were, as you can imagine, lots of entries but I figured whatever the publisher puts as definition number 1 is the one most people associate with the word and here it is:

Game (noun): An activity providing entertainment or amusement; a pastime: party games; word games.

So, where does the ‘dating game’ fit in to all that? Is dating an activity providing entertainment and amusement? Is it just a pastime? Am I alone in thinking there should be no such term as the ‘dating game’ if you use this definition? Bah…who am I kidding? Even if they banned it, do you think people would stop saying it? I just get sick of everyone talking about this damned ‘dating game’ as if it were some world-wide phenomenon that was de rigour in every self respecting household and if your household happened to have an inhabitant who wasn’t playing, woe betide you!!

So, have you guessed I’m not playing the game? I know it’s my own fault, I’m 35 for fucks sake, you’d think I’d know how to play the game at my age; what is it that people say when mocking you? Oh yes, “It’s like riding a bike!” or worse, “once you get back in the saddle you’ll be fine”

Well, what if you never played the game in the first place? What if you never learnt to ride a bike? What if you decided the saddle was best kept for others but not you?? I’m not out of practise in the whole dating thing… I’m just new to it!! Yes, I’m 35 but I managed to avoid the whole relationship thing by spending most of my time moving from A to B via P, J, R, J, S, U and G. Then I discovered booze, then drugs, then life with both and then life without either (not as nice as it could be) I’ve met people I’ve almost fallen in love with, people I love more than any man should be capable of loving, people I probably will never be able to love in this lifetime or the next and of course people I love because the reason permeates from every pore in their skin…

I dunno what to do, I’ve spent years bottling up my thoughts and feelings and now that I accept that they are valid feelings I shouldn’t be treating like a brother with some mental disease that requires they be locked up in the tallest and furthest of towers in my many roomed mansion. It seems women my own age are wary of men like me who have manged to get to their thirties without ever having lived with a partner for a number of months, let alone years…

How do you win at this ‘game’?? They don’t want you if you have baggage and they don’t want you if you have no baggage?! It’s like applying for a credit card, the one you want won’t accept you because you don’t meet their criteria and the one whose criteria you do meet is not the one you want to be throwing around in public and has an interest rate that should suit only those of a desperate nature ;-)

For the record… I really don’t give a fuck, life is too short.

I wanna feel the sunshine in my head, I wanna feel the sunshine all the time.

You know what I mean :)

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