Old AND New Year Resolutions.

OK, it’s becoming a bit of a habit the last few years when it gets time to start thinking about a New Year resolution and I never can think of anything to resolve so I use my trusty cartoon strip to explain, this year I’ve tried to make it look like a new joke by turning it from a horizontal layout to this snazzy vertical strip!

So, that’s the old one out of the way and guess what?! I have actually made a resolution for 2007!! I resolve to return to Sydney, Australia in order to celebrate New Year’s Eve there. I was writing a new year card (mr omneo doesn’t send christmas cards because he doesn’t believe in a god and therefore doesn’t believe in the alleged son of god, jesus and even though father christmas has nothing to do with jesus or god he just happened to be the fall guy the church brought out to lure the kids to church with promises that santa would visit if they said their prayers to baby jesus every night blah blah blah…

ANYWAY, I was busy writing in the card to Kelly and Krys that I wouldn’t make the Optus tower this year, maybe next year instead. We had this agreement, well it was more a statement that we meet under the Optus tower on NYE at the millennium, that was the NYE of ’97 and I left Sydney in February of ’98. Then I realised that it’ll be 10 years since I was there so it might be fitting to return and meet at Optus tower, tho of course I guess it might be worth letting them know I’ll be there just in case I’m standing there all bloody night!

But yeah, let the saving begin, I figure this will solve my problem of having nothing to do on NYE :)

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