If I only knew then…

mr omneo wishes you all the best for 2007!!

The other day I was thinking about something, don’t ask me what as I forgot promptly after I thought about whatever it was I can’t remember thinking about… anyway, one of the things I do remember was having an imaginary conversation with my son and explaining to him that he shouldn’t make the same mistake that I made and grow up to be for too insecure; to the extent that it’s only when I hit my thirties that I started to unravel what makes me me and the truth is, if you don’t jump on for the ride you get left out of a lot of good times, a lot of shit times too but either way you have two choices… do it and possibly enjoy yourself or don’t do it and definitely don’t enjoy it… There is always gonna be shit around, it’s the depth you have to worry about :-)

It makes you wonder why so many people have trouble choosing tho, I speak from experience. Today i was thinking it was more like, no matter how you look at it, the glass may either be half full or half empty. It’s seldom referred to as full or empty always half full or half empty… truth of the matter is that regardless of how we see it, when it’s empty…it’s empty! So just eke out as much fun as possible between now and then…

Anyway, in my imaginary conversation my son was about 4 months old and far too busy sucking on the rubber teat of the bottle containing milk that I was holding to be paying any attention to my ramblings :p

Just now however, I was sitting in the kitchen having lunch when a song came on, Melt your heart by Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins. There was a line near the end,

“When you’re sleeping with someone who doesn’t get you, You’re gonna hate yourself in the morning.”

It was strange hearing it being spoken out loud, it was like someone revealing the answer to a long pondered question, so obvious yet so impossible to figure out. Suddenly I could describe exactly what was in my head…Jenny had taken my thoughts and put them into words! then I realised of course that I am not alone, that was the nicest feeling of all.

Here’s the track
seek out the Watson Twins if they tour near you, they are worth seeing live, I saw them when they toured with Jenny…great stuff!

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