What’s your ‘lucky’ number?

I don’t know if I have a ‘lucky’ number as such, to get around the issue I adopted 17 as my lucky number after I put £10 on number 17 at the roulette table and got about £300 back…wasn’t that lucky as I then proceeded to lose it all back to the house but I had fun and that’s what counts!

Anyway, what is all this about? I decided that the first 17 people who sign up to Mr Omneo’s Selfless Mind Forum will get a free lifetime upgrade to the member with Benefits package. Why not start the new year in a new forum with some new people?

visit today and register for your free account

Did I mention that Members with Benefits also become members of the forums blogging community and can create a blog for everyone on the web to see and just as easily you can turn your thoughts private, allowing you to get it all out but still keeping it to yourself.

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