Into the 2nd week…

So, we’re 9 days into 2007 and still I hear people say, “Happy new year!” it’s no longer new, so shut the fuck up, it’s clearly a breach of the trade descriptions act, it’s 9 days old and has been used by several billion people…that’s not new in my book!

So, anyway, 2 weeks in and how is Mr Omneo doing? Well, actually, not as bad as might be expected. I got my arse in gear and re-joined the gym even allowed Tamara, the rather cute South African who works there, to sign me up to have a fitness plan drawn up. This involved 2 sessions with Chris, the trainer who made working out make sense, as he not only explained how the weights affected the various muscles I also got a quick verbal dummies guide to how the body works. I discovered that Chris studied politics at university… smart guy putting that student gym to good use ;-)

So anyway, back to the gym, now i have a proper plan to work to, that should help motivate me! Next week I’m popping up to Scotland to visit my Gran and then in February off to Brno for a few days.

I had a thought today, “Where is Mr Omneo going?” I pondered, “Actually, who is he?” at this point my head hurt so i had a smoke and pondered some more and came up with this. Mr Omneo is a unique, fictional being based on the writers past, present and possible future. Mr Omneo is a mixture of the here and now with a healthy dose of who the writers wants to be. Not some new wave mumbo jumbo, or perhaps it is, but this is Mr Omneo’s theory… if he lives the life of who he aspires to be then that persona will rub off into the writers real life… ahhh fuckit, lets see what happens!

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