Valentine, oh Valentine, won’t you be mine?

So, as everyone adjusts to having some money in their bank account now that it’s payday, the next money making scheme for marketeers is ‘Valentine’s Day’ the day when we’re all allowed to indulge in our romantic/sexual fantasies – depending on your gender your view on the whole sex is romance argument dictates which one you’re allowed to indulge in.

So, does anyone really remember what St Valentine’s Day is all about or are we all just cynics who refer to it as ‘just another Hallmark day’? A lot of ‘Brits’ smugly proclaim that Hallmark and Americans are to blame for the crass commercialisation of Valentine’s Day but the British were exchanging Valentine notes back in the 1600’s but it didn’t catch on in the USA until the early 1700’s, but I guess they made up for those 100 years pretty quick! You’ll learn more interesting nuggets of information like that over on’s mini-site The History of St Valentine’s Day

So, what will you be doing this year on 14 February? My friend, Amy, is flying back home to Australia for her friend’s wedding, I hope she gets to sit next to a hunk because that’s a long way to go sitting next to Quasimodo on the ‘most romantic day of the year’ *cough cough*

This year I thought I’d pretend to be at one with the smug couple bastards that seem to take pride on flaunting their coupledom on the 14 February every year by getting some of the best dishes created by imaginative chefs but it also happens to be the one damn day of the year when no restaurant will give a booking for a table for one!! Not when there is the old cash cow of St Valentine to be milked by ensuring you’ll sell 2 of everything on the menu… I would need a serious attack of the munchies to attempt that!

Anyway, I am putting out to tender bids to accompany me on Wednesday 14 February 2007 to the Mango Room in Camden, a Caribbean Restaurant. Funnily enough I was going to go there with Amy back in December but we never caught up in the end click here for the Valentine’s Day menu

No romance required, you don’t even have to be single, just as long as you’re free on that evening and feel like spending it with a stranger like me (well, not like me, the real me!) The cost of the evening’s food and drinks will be split 50-50 but please don’t nominate yourself if you only intend having one drink and no dessert because you’re on a diet ;-)

If you’re interested, email me with a few words about yourself and your phone number so I can call you, if you’re not prepared to talk on the phone, what chance do we have over a dinner table?

OK, let madness reign!!

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