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Believe it or believe it not, some people think I am strange and do you know why? Because I don’t watch TV! Now, most people if asked would say there is not much on TV worth watching but yet we spend endless hours stuck in front of that soul sucking contraption that we forget that a world exists out there.

I shared with a Spanish guy called José for a few years, he liked the TV. As soon as he got home, the TV was on and he plunked himself down to watch it but the strangest thing about his viewing habits were his inability to watch a programme in its entirety. every 15-20 minutes he would channel surf and never seemed to mind not seeing the end. Don’t get me wrong, when I watched TV as was a guilty as the next person of just whiling the night away doing nothing and watching fucking rubbish. And what’s worse is when you know it’s rubbish yet you don’t do anything to stop yourself :-p

So, I do own a TV, I bought it in 1998 a 14″ thing with built in VCR and it now shuttles between the cupboard and the bedroom for when I want to watch a DVD in bed. Otherwise I watch dvds on the PC as it’s a larger monitor! The house I live in doesn’t have an external Ariel and because of some pylons there is a non-existent signal with an indoor Ariel. So I’ve just never bothered about it. I know there is nothing on TV that is worth me spending £100 to have an Ariel put up on the roof, then the TV Licence and then of course a new fucking TV to justify spending £200. nah, I’ll stick to ‘acquiring’ digital copies of the shows I want to see.

Another reason I don’t watch TV and seldom buy a newspaper is because of the news. It is just so fucking depressing; day in and day out it’s nothing but bad luck stories cover to cover. Excuse me if I deviate off here and accuse that fucking Australian/American Bastard Murdoch, Actually from now on I will refer to him as A BAM (Australian Bastard American Murdoch) Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was in league with governments around the world, using his media conglomorates to subliminally control the population. If any screenwriters adapt my blog entries for blockbuster, straight to DVD movies, please let me know as I’d like a free copy :-)

But yeah, so, suppose my sub-paranoid imagination was actually predicting the future as i type? Suppose governments wanted to control those very people who vote them into power? What is it that most people do on a daily basis?? Yes, read the newspaper and watch TV. Who own most of the worlds TV and Newspapers? That’s right!! A BAM!! don’t tell me it’s just coincidence that no matter which country you look to, no matter which political persuasion, in every case the candidate backed by A BAM has always won. It happened in the UK with Thatcher, Major & Blair, In Australia with Howard and don’t forget the States of the USA. Yeah, A BAM is the man you would call upon, for a price but what price would be too high for that power? it’s like voodoo!

But my main dislike about ‘today’s’ news is the fact that we no longer hear any good news. When I was growing up I can recall the last news items of the day being a light hearted – end it with a smile type story, there’s not much of them now. My news is consumed via the plethora of ‘free’ newspapers given away now on the street, getting to the tube station is now like a level from those old ZX Spectrum games i played as a lad. Dodge the big issue seller and the crowd of spotty MCR fans hanging around outside HMV with their jeans down their arse trying to look mature whilst at the same time giggling like lunatics when they catch sight of a real live punk. So, you’ve made it to the corner, time to brace yourself for the real challenge suddenly you’re faced with hoards of tourists who have no idea where they are going or even where they want to be! They stop suddenly to gape at the idiots who make, good, money pretending to be statues. It never stops making me laugh to think of these people who would happily give £1 to a guy standing on a box in silver body paint pretending to be a Roman statue being offended if you suggest they go to an art gallery or museum to look at a real statue for free. Anyway, whilst trying to dodge the tourists, you have the chuggers who are out to explain the plight of starving kids in Africa – my advice is to donate the £10ph they earn accosting people in the street to the charity and leave me the fuck alone! So having scowled them out of your path you just have to contend with the dozen or so newspaper vendors who seem to have been instructed to ensure they thrust a copy of their rag into your face in the off-chance you could have possibly failed to notice the free ‘news’paper, once you’d completed that level you enter the station… but that’s another game altogether!

These free newspapers, again, no fucking good news!! Don’t tell me nothing good ever happens in the world. I’m sick of hearing every other day that someone was shot dead, raped, tortured or beaten. I’m tired of hearing that 5,000 died in Iraq, bored at the mention of another tsunami or global fucking warming!! I know it’s going on, you know it’s going on, the world knows it’s going on so why do we have to be told about it every fucking day?? People just switch off and it becomes meaningless, the opposite of what is expected. People should be shocked at the atrocities that happen in day to life but by continually ramming it down our throats, people switch off, because I don’t want to become another zombie. Why can’t the front page of the paper one day read something like, “Surgeons in Leeds saved the life of a 9 year old boy who had been the victim of a hit and run driver”?? What’s wrong with knowing what good is happening in the world? Why not remind people of all the good that still goes on out there, the strangers who come to the aid of other strangers for no other reason than to help a fellow human. I know not everyone can be like that but there are plenty who are and we should know about them as they can provoke the desire in others to help, before it’s too late.

Well, that’s enough from me! I have more to say on the matter but thankfully I have no desire to write any more, instead I’ll leave you with Paolo Nutini’s song New Shoes
enjoy =)

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