You don’t have to be rich…

I’m quite a happy chap today, not only is it Friday but I managed to buy tickets, subject to a booking fee and a postage fee and an admin fee, to see Prince when he’s in London on 28 August… as close to my birthday as I could get. How sad am I, buying myself a birthday gift 4 months in advance?? :p

But you just know that it’s going to be a great show, even if I do end up sitting up with the gods (Block 410, Row R) I’ll be in heaven if he manages to squeeze Little Red Corvette, Peach or Raspberry Beret into his set list…come on wee man, I know you’ll be reading this so if you can, just one will do, call it a birthday gift and I won’t mind you not sending a card.

In other news I heartily recommend that you get your lug holes plugged with the melodic and quite frankly, sexy as hell, sounds of The Mentalists. Let me assure you, if you think these 4 girls sound good, just wait till you see them and fortunately it would seem these hard working girls are performing regularly so you have no excuse for not catching them live and reminding yourself what it’s like to go out, hear a great band and be unable to resist bustin’ a move. So, next gig is 18 May, Kilburn I expect to see you there, shaking your tail-feathers baby!

Psst… click here and spend 79p and by buying the track legit you’ll help make these girls famous (but not so famous it goes to their gorgeous heads!)
The Mentalists - Don't Know What to Do With You - Single

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