No Horsing Around…

well, not unless you are mental in which case you NEED to be listening to quite possibly the best band I’ve heard live in many a long time. Who do I mean? Why The Mentalists of course!! What rock have you been hiding under?? When Smokey McPot informed me of a, ‘lovely lady band’ I was sceptical, this is the man who tried to tell me that Katie Sketch from The Organ was a stunning creature who had a voice like honey… Neither my eyes nor my ears were ready for her particular brand of ‘loveliness’ but I was persuaded to pop along last Wednesday to a swanky basement club (swanky = £3.50 for an OJ) to experience for myself just what the Mentalists were all about and was I glad I went? Well, the obvious answer is yes, otherwise I wouldn’t be suggesting to my loyal readers that they should get to itunes and invest 79p for their sublime track, “Don’t know what to do”

I should point out that all four girls are outrageously gorgeous, which can be mildly distracting as I couldn’t figure where to rest my eyes, so I stared blankly into space and finally surrendered my feet to the music. That said Kellymental just exuded ‘cool’ and marginally beat Kim E Leon to my affections (how she’ll sleep at night I’ll never know!)

Anyway, enough of me, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, well, don’t eat the Mentalists or I’ll be very upset, instead check them out by clicking below and then turning up to bust some moves with yours truly (yes, they really are good enough to make Mr Omneo dance!)

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