Stop the Bus, I wanna get off!!

Well, there’s been a lot happening here at Omneo Towers, so apologies to all you loyal readers who’ve been valiantly visiting in the hope of finding some news.

So, what’s been going on I hear you ask, well… quite a lot actually.

OK, let me start with some good stuff, saw Snow Patrol at the new O2 Arena (the old ‘millennium dome’) and that was pretty good, acoustics were awesome, which was a relief, finally a venue that has put some thought into the sound, you’d think that would be a priority for most music venues wouldn’t you?? Anyway, I’m now more looking forward to going there to see Prince on 28 August. I finally managed to affix my speakers to the wall, it’s only taken me just under 4 years to accomplish this feat of DIY and reminds me that I need to buy a Tuner, might be time to pay Richer Sounds a visit ;-)

Now, some not so good stuff.. I had to visit Glasgow at short notice as my gran was due to have her left leg amputated, as my luck would have it, that weekend some idiots thought they’d try driving into Glasgow Airport, if only terrorists were more environmentally friendly it might have worked, if they’d driven a Ford Mondeo into the airport they might have managed it, but a clunky Cherokee Jeep?? Come on guys, get with the script! In any event they had to postpone the operation until this week, well yesterday in fact. Operation went well and she’s now recovering.

Good stuff, I’ve been doing some major clearing out of junk at home, where did it all come from? Well, I guess the answer is I hoarded most of it for years but have recently become quite ruthless, hundreds of photos went into the bin, unlooked at for a vast number of years, likewise the collection of cards and letters sent to me by people I forgot I once knew. I was tempted to write to some of them but after 20 years, what do you say??

Bad stuff, the weather has been fucking miserable :(

Good stuff, facebook isn’t quite as shit as I thought it was. Have met some cool people there, a few nutters but that only made it feel more like home ;-)

More good stuff, I’ve bought tickets to see Rilo Kiley on 20 August – now that’s very good news… Mmmmmm… Jenny Lewis *drool*

Well, that’s all from Omneo Towers today, a little lounge music for you today ;-)

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