Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO!! It’s…

Mr Omneo writing a blog entry!!

Well, much has happened since my last entry. Some familial issues which whilst not wholly unexpected were still…unexpected. This then set off a chain of events which then brought about more less than happy events but also something quite unexpectedly good. Anyway, I’m not here to drone on and on about my fucked up family, the more I talk with others I discover just about every family is fucked up, whereas once I felt I was in the minority I realise I’m in the majority and the minority comprises of people with perfect families.

Work has been busy, busy both the day job and my own little enterprise. I sat up till 3.30am trying to submit my self assessment tax return after putting it off every weekend for about 4 months, I did vow that I would be better prepared for this years attempt… needless to say the closest I’ve got is to make one huge pile of paperwork on my desk as opposed to 3 or 4 smaller piles!

Yesterday I finished a site for Ross Trevail, a photographer, pop over to and have a look, recognise that shade of blue? I’m also working on a designa dn shopping cart for, a supplier of diamond blades and cutting tools; no real idea when I’ll finish that maybe a month or two as I’m still awaiting details of the products that are actually for sale.

Anyone whose read a few entries here will know I keep recommending and this entry is no exception. My biggest investment is in Kaitee Page, think Alanis Morissette but a bit rockier and with violins and you’re close to getting an idea but of course the easiest way is to head over to her page and have a listen for yourself. Kaitee has accumulated almost $36,000 and once she reaches $50,000 the band will be off making their record, so get in while you can. Another artist I like is Grant Stevens. Grant has only recently signed up to sellaband so could do with a morale boost by a few of you readers buying a part and letting him know that not everyone is interested in listening to Britney Spears, so go on, head over to Grant’s page, have a listen and part with $10 (or $20 or $30 or more!)and if you do invest in Grant, let him know Mr Omneo sent you and you may just find you get something special from the great man himself!

OK, perhaps you’re wondering what Sellaband is all about and don’t want to wade through their site, let me sum it up in non-hype speak… You listen to the bands on sellaband, each artist has 3 tracks up for you to listen to. You like someone you buy a part, each part is $10. When the artist reaches $50,000 they go off and record an album. For each part you buy, you get 1 limited edition CD at the end of it which you can either keep or sell, if you sell it you can get back between $9 and $11 . Hmmm you say, that doesn’t sound like much but wait… there’s more! In addition to the sale of the CD’s you own, you also get to share 90% of the artists overall net profits from CD sales and MP3 downloads, the artist gets 10%. But what is you change your mind? Simple, you just cash in your parts and the money is transferred back to your account so you really do have nothing to lose and lots to gain. Worst case scenario is you end up with a limited edition CD which has cost you $10… that’s less than a happy meal and a beer, unless of course you’re in the UK like me where you won’t even get a happy meal for $10 never mind a beer!

With Easter just around the corner I thought that rather than leave you with a musical interlude, I’d remind you of the amazing work of a special man. No dummy not him, I mean of course the great Bill Hicks! Listen and leave enlightened

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