Win a MacBook Air worth £1,199

Well, have you seen those lovely Apple MacBook Air’s?? Whilst I don’t approve of Apple’s ridiculous policy of requiring you to return everything back to them when the battery needs replacing, I wouldn’t mind so much if you knew you would get your own item back but mostly they advise, in tiny small print, that you may get a refurbished model back. Look here Mr Jobs, you charge through the nose for the replacement battery, at least have the decency to return the item that was sent or make the option of taking it into a store available. That’s why I stick with my old brick of a 3rd generation iPod, I can order a battery from eBay for £6 and get another 18 months out of it. But as usual, I digress…

PC World are running a competition from now until 30 May 2008 for the chance to win a shiny new MacBook Air, all you need to do is sign-up to get their newsletter and you’re in with a chance… So what are you waiting for?

Of course, you may not win the MacBook, in fact the law of probability says you very likely won’t but if everyone thought they weren’t going to win so didn’t bother entering, there will be very few entries meaning you stand a very good chance of winning… My old mate Paul Weller sang a song that sums it up perfectly, have a listen, until next time, stay well and send me an email if you win!

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