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Well, if there’s one thing you are guaranteed at Easter is a couple of mad hatter-esque comments from the men in frocks. Yes, that’s right, the Clergy get to spout moronic drivel having had to sit quiet since Christmas. A few posts back I posted the Bill Hicks sketch in which he discusses how the world over people celebrate Easter, the time that the ‘son of God’ is alleged to have risen from the dead, in the same fashion… we gorge ourselves senseless on chocolate eggs and talk about the Easter Bunny, two things that don’t appear anywhere in the Bible, except the version authorised by Mr Omneo, which runs to 3 paragraphs and rest assured; chocolate consumption is in there along with wine, bread and fish.

The thing that bugs me about the latest wheeze from some mad Bishop, complaining about using human and animal embryos to create cells from which to try and discover cures for diseases such as Cancer, Parkinson’s disease and motor neurone disease. Is the way he and others are demanding that MPs be allowed to vote as individuals as opposed to how their respective political parties wish.

So, I hear you say, what’s wrong with that Mr Omneo? Well, let me tell you what I think is wrong. When someone is elected to parliament, they are elected by a group of people called constituents i.e. the likes of you and me. We elect them to vote on matters as we would like so as such they forfeit the right to go voting as they like, they are expected to listen to the people who voted for them and do as they wish… spokespeople in other words. Sigh.. even typing that makes me realise what a fantasy world I live in. These are the people who vote to give themselves bumper pay increases whilst telling the rest of us to make do with 2%, the people who vote to allow themselves to claim expenses for keeping a property that they have already paid for (with tax payers money) talk about double dipping? These greedy bastards triple and quadruple dip!! So, rather than listen to the church telling them it is morally wrong, why not listen to the people who elected them in the first place? The people who want cures for diseases… If they were so holy why don’t they worry about what the alleged god will think about their greed and gluttony??

Cheap Calls Abroad from the UK

Thankfully I’ve taken my mind off things by re-vamping one of my websites, Selfless Mind Calls, which details how you can save a fortune on your international calls, whether you use a landline or your mobile phone you’ll find rates start at an unbelievable 1p per minute to hundreds of destinations. So stop reading, get out your phone book and give a friend abroad a call. They don’t need to know it’s costing you pennies and maybe next year you’ll get a bumper chocolate egg in the post!

To save you looking over the earlier posts for the Bill Hicks sketch, here it is again…enjoy!

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