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I have to tell you about this great US based company called I’m planning a trip to the US in August to go see the Dave Matthews Band as well as some friends. Scouring the web I’ve been using just about every comparison site to try and get the cheapest deal and I thought I’d done well in finding a return ticket to San Francisco for £491.

Then I found cFaresand discovered they have a ‘members only’ set of prices which I was a little sceptical about. Usually I’ve found you’re expected to pay a stupid membership fee which is often more than the saving, fine if you make a few flights a year abut pointless if you are an occasional traveller.

Well, the platinum membership is US$50 or approx £25 in real money and the flight? Well, travelling on the exact same United Airlines flights as I was prepared to pay £491 for,
gave me a price of… £391.50 and if I add the £25 membership fee that brings the total to £416.50, a saving of £74.50 or approx US$149 in funny money, which covers the cost of 2 tickets to see Dave Matthews and his band! RESULT!!

So, if you’re thinking about flying anywhere, check out for Cheap Tickets to your favourite destinations!

cFares - Lowest Airfares Online!

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