Home Contents Revisted

Right, so you may recall I was bemoaning the whopping increase in my home contents insurance and my search for a new, cheaper policy?

I initially thought I’d found a bargain with the Nationwide but I subsequently discovered that my existing policy didn’t include accidental cover and after re-comparing quotes with about 20 different companies almost settled for Greenbee as they had a good policy for about £55per month, a lot of money I know but the paranoid part of me felt it was better that than returning home one night to discover the house had been emptied while I was at work!

Anyway, I said, “almost settled” that was until a colleague tipped me off on the eGroup where he saved over £200 on his motorbike policy. I logged on, filled in my quote and included accidental cover and prepared myself for the worse, imagine my surprise then when the quote came in at just under £300?! I took a double take… less cash for a better policy?? No need to think twice, eGroup gets my business.

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