Free Hosting AND a Domain Name

If you’ve always wanted a website but were unsure about spending a lot of money on hosting but likewise didn’t want to have something that looked ‘cheap’ with someone else’s advertising displayed as a condition of it being ‘free’ you should get along to who currently offer 1 years FREE hosting together with a domain name.

OK, I should point out that it is not ‘technically’ free as they do impose a set-up fee but this is still less than the cost of registering a .com domain for a year so the hosting package on offer more than makes up for it.

Even those who have already got their own hosting could do worse than take up this offer, as I said. The setup fee is lower than the cost of a .com registration so you can cheaply register a domain, make use of 12 months free hosting and then transfer everything back to your existing host at renewal time.

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