Why the gap?

Well, if anyone has just stumbled upon this blog, you’re possibly wondering what I’ve been doing between April 2007 and this week. The truth is, I’ve been blogging on my old site, which used Google’s Blogger and I had hoped that there was some nifty feature which would allow me to import everything but sadly because I host my blog and update it by FTP, WordPress can’t take it… I will have to root around the forums and see what I can find as I’d like to have just one definitive blog.

Well, what a confusing time I had trying to figure out how to import my old blog, it seems the advice is to convert the blog into an RSS feed and then import that… easier said than done! After almost an hour of getting more and more confused I stumbled upon how to do it, in seconds!

I simply went to my Blogger control panel, selected Publishing and switched from FTP to Blogspot, this then moved all my posts onto Blogger’s server and then I simply went to my WordPress control panel and imported them… everything was done in under 40 seconds! I still have some tidying up to do, it doesn’t bring over photos that were hosted via Blogger so I’ll have to manually update those entries and I will have to manually change the categories, unless I can find an easy way to do that, you’d think there would be an option to tick all the ones you want to change and ‘hey presto!” but I’m yet to find it…

Never mind, the bulk of the work is done and at the end of the day, how many people are going to be searching that far back anyway? Knowing me, if I start reading some of the shit I wrote back in 2004 I’ll end up deleting them… which may not be such a bad idea ;)

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