Organisation Makes The World Go Round

OK, I may have exaggerated slightly with my heading, the song states it’s money that does the trick, but after spending the day assembling a desk from Ikea and ‘tidying’ up, I can’t help but think that organisation would have been top of the list if we weren’t all so broke!

Putting the desk together was the easy part, it arrived around 11.30 so it was time for a ‘nice’ cup of tea as I went through the parts and made sure all the screws were there, nothing worse than getting half-way through and discovering you’re missing a vital screw! As it was there was actually an extra screw in the pack, I hoped I didn’t need it and I didn’t. All in all it took just under 4 hours to assemble everything, which included time to pause and have a bacon sandwich and yet another ‘nice’ cup of tea ;) Then the real work began, so much paper, so much clutter a veritable spaghetti junction of wires and cables but eventually it all started to slot into place. Truth be told, I still have a lot of sorting out to do but the back of the camel has been broken and tomorrow is more about paperwork than anything else.

I listened to the Radio Scotland on-line to catch the Rangers vs Fiorentina match, Rangers eventually won on penalties and head to the final of the UEFA Cup on the 14 May; it was pretty nerve racking near the end but sounded quite dull for lengthy periods, perhaps it was better to watch but without a TV I couldn’t tell you!

During the match I took the opportunity of getting a nice print for my friend Jennifer’s birthday, I saw that Scott Saw was having a sale of his limited edition prints, I’d previously bought a small print from Scott a few years ago and kept promising myself I would buy more. When I had a look I figured that rather than buy Jen a book, as I had planned, a nice print would be a better choice, after all, she can always buy herself a book and knowing her, she wouldn’t have time to actually sit down and chill long enough to read one! So I emailed Scott and asked him if he’d do me a big favour and have the print mounted and framed rather then him sending it to me, me having it framed and then sent to Jen. Scott very kindly agreed and he sorted me out with a very fair price. I wish I was there to see Jen’s face when she gets the package :)

The print I chose was titled, “Love”, that’s it above, pretty good isn’t it? I also ordered myself a couple of prints while I was at it, Scott’s currently offering hefty discounts on packages, so it was silly not to treat myself, though I seem to recall saying that when I spent £175 on the desk from Ikea as well as the various other ‘treats’ I’ve bought myself the past few weeks… Guess who won’t be going out for a while? ;)

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