The Great TV Giveaway

OK, I feel a little guilty for subjecting you all to such a grumbling entry so, ever the politician, I hope to offer you a little something that will allow you to leave the blog thinking good things ;)

Lovefilm has an offer running at the moment for their PAYG DVD rental scheme. Signup now and get entered into a competition to win a limited edition Toshiba HD TV worth £1,000. Unlike their regular scheme, you are not bound by any contract, you simply pay for a number of rentals up-front and once you’ve rented them that’s you done. handy for people like me who think there are fuck all films worth watching but every now and then think, “Hmm… that looks good” Now you have the best of both worlds and with rentals starting from only £1.76 it’s a small price to pay and don’t forget that shiny big TV on offer.. oh and did I mention that you also get 2 rentals free if you sign up now??

ps/ This is a seperate division from their ‘normal’ rental scheme, so even if you are already a member of that, you can sign up to the PAYG scheme and still be in with a chance to win the TV!

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