Do you believe in faeries?

So, what to do on a Sunday afternoon? The laundry has been done as has the vacuuming and cleaning, there are no weeds in the garden (not much in the way of flowers either but that’s another blog altogether!) If I had a TV I would no doubt tune in and drop out but I don’t, so I must find some other relief…heaven forbid I should venture out!

So, I turned my attention to watching a movie. Last night I watched Wieners, it was billed as a comedy and was, allegedly, a funny one. Hmmm… I’m not so sure about that. OK, I managed a chuckle here and there but funny? I think that was over-stating it’s abilities. Even a half bottle of red wine didn’t make it any funnier so when it came time to pick something for Sunday afternoon I was left with 2 choices… The Spiderwick Chronicles or I’m Through With White Girls I decided that the thought of a mediocre comedy was more than I could bear so I figured I’d go for the faeries and hob-goblins. I think I chose well.

I’d be the first to admit that The Spiderwick Chronicles is not my usual fare but it was a perfect lazy Sunday afternoon movie. It wasn’t too taxing on the brain, it had some CGI which added both the cute and scary aspect and of course Nick Nolte dispensing with make-up to appear as the ogre…oh wait, seemingly he was wearing make-up?! ;)

I’ll possibly give I’m Through With White Girls a go this evening but I’m already thinking it’s not going to be great, from the title it seems to have already pigeon-holed itself in my head as being some nonsense about how white girls don’t dig black guys but from what I see in reality there are far more white girls dating black guys than black girls dating white guys. That said, it’s supposedly very funny and is not about race, so perhaps the title is just throwing in the race card to be controversial and garner publicity? Either way, when I watch it I’ll let you know what I think.


So, I’ve just finished watching I’m Through With White Girls… It was so totally not what I was expecting, it wasn’t good…it was GREAT! :)

In a way I’m glad I didn’t watch it this afternoon as I’m not sure how it would have left me, all I can say is I’m glad that it’s almost 1am and I’m going to bed because I’m heading there in such a relaxed, feel-good vibe.  The film is essentially a love story but one that has more than a touch of reality in it.  It’s difficult to explain what I mean when I say I can relate to the lead character as he has had a string of relationships and I’ve had none, but the reason he has for breaking up is the reason I never get involved. A fear, a fear of something unknown and whilst everyone stands around telling you to face your fears, it still doesn’t happen until you are ready to do so.  I think I’m ready to face mine but I’m not sure.  I’ve no idea what sign I need to tell me that I’m ready, maybe there isn’t a sign at all.  I guess I just want the happy ending…just like in the movies :)

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