Laughter, Hot or Not?

So, I previously mentioned that I am a profile moderator for the website Hot or Not. This is not as exciting as it may sound. It mainly consists of reviewing every photo that gets submitted to the site as well as every change of text has to also get reviewed. It’s very easy to go into a trance and then suddenly realised you’ve been clicking accept or reject without really knowing if you chose the right option.

Those boffins over at Hot or Not must have figured this out as every photo and profile change has to be voted on by moderators. Only once it has received a certain number of accepts will it actually appear on the site which makes it quite good as these sites go. The enemy are the affiliates for adult dating sites who create fake profiles in order to harvest the email addresses of people who are declaring themselves to be A) Adult, B) Single and C) willing to spend money and enjoy sex. The usual trick is for them to send you the link to an adult dating site, they tell you that you should make a profile, which is always free and then you can send ‘adult’ messages and photos, you make the profile and discover you need to a paid member to send messages so you dump the profile or pay up. If you dump the profile, the affiliate wins small scale, usually $1-$3 per person who makes a free profile. Still not bad tho. If they sign up and buy a membership the affiliate wins bigger scale with commissions ranging from 50% of the paid membership, every time it renews up to one off payments of $150 so, if you could get even just 2 sign ups a day you’ve generously increased your weekly income $2,100 or about £1,100 in real money ;)

So you can see why dating sites try and keep their sites clear of these guys, it’s because there’s big money to be made, people can live out their fantasises thanks to the internet. They are able to join websites that can link them up with people who share their kink in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Discovering they are not alone. Well, this evening I was reviewing some profiles and came upon a photos of a guy of about 27, shaved head, no shirt on and holding a 2.5l bottle of Captain Morgan Rum and pointing to it with his other hand, a serious Don’t Mess With Me Bitch! look on his face, or a good attempt at it at least. His profile read:

If your looking for the guy who parties in Hollywood with sunglasses on at night and collar popped I’M NOT HIM! Guys like that need a good beating. I drive a TRUCK not a sports car, I say sir and I say ma’am..the rest you’ll have 2 find out;)

It makes moderating the site so much fun to wonder who wants to meet these guys? But girls are just as bad so I can’t say one is better/worse than the other.

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