Foreign Escapades

Well, it’s been a dry period as far as blogs go. Much has been going on, here, there and everywhere but not much time or energy has been left to sit down and record things for posterity. Given the Gorgonzola-like state of my memory it’s very likely that half of what I intended to blog about has been lost in bat country, life will however continue I’m sure.

I enjoyed a very, very enjoyable week in Cannes where I visited Fred and his parents prior to his departure to the little known (to me) island of Moorea where he has been employed as a chef. It was an interesting trip for a couple of reasons. 1) I realised my practically non-existant French is now non-existant although Fred tried to convince me that when I was drunk I became much more fluent however I can’t confirm this on account of the smelly cheese memory 2) We visited a friend of Fred’s called Emma. Emma and I first met about 6 or 7 years ago when Fred introduced us and we err… ‘consumated’ our friendship in the back of her car in a wood at 4am and also on the bonnet of the car at about 6am before returning to the back seat at about 7.30am, all the while she spoke only French and I grunted a few words in English. Well, I hope it’s not too unkind of me to say that time and the extra helpings of creamy cheese have not been kind to Emma, the only thing that had stayed the same was her inability to speak English and mine to speak French.

On the flight back I had my usual, losing, arguement with the cabin crew who insist that I open the window blind during take-off and landing. Does anyone know what this is all about? I mean I’ve yet to see the Captain wander down the aisle to row 17 to peer out of the window to check that there’s no traffic coming and it get’s even more ludicrous on evening flights when they announce that they will be dimming the cabin lights and then insist you open the window blinds… One day I’ll find out what it all means so if you know, please tell me!

The other week I received a call from Mr McPot who was desirious that I ‘entertain’ the friend of his ‘lady friend’ for the evening. Now, don’t be alarmed, when I say ‘lady friend’ I don’t mean a Bangkok tourist on a busmans holiday ;) Both girls are from Moscow and as far as i know have never been to Thailand. By entertain he meant, take her to the cinema or for something to eat and as I was hungry and we had arranged to meet at 9.30pm, food it was.

More to follow…

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