To schedule or not, why is that even a question?

Now, to everyone, including myself, the title of this entry would appear to make no sense and in a way, it doesn’t, like most of what I think and sometimes write about.  My mind is always shooting off on tangents so that what I’m actually thinking about will provoke a completely different thought and it’s usually that second thought I write about.

I say usually, this is not always the case. Take this entry for instance.  I do actually want to discuss scheduling but from a  purely selfish perspective.  The software I run this blog on has a feature called, wait for it….scheduling!

Allegedly I can write an entry and select a time and date in the future for it to be published.  Just think what this could do for my entry count?  I tend to have my creative juices visit me in bursts and so when I write one entry I very often feel like I could write another one or sometimes even two but I stop myself as I think, “Hmmm… why on earth would I want to write three entries on the same day, people will think I am a sad no lifer who has nothing better to do that whitter away on his damned blog!” Granted, there may not be anything factually incorrect with that thought but still, a guy has to keep up appearances doesn’t he?

Well, anyway, I said allegedly because yesterday after I wrote my entry proclaiming I didn’t know what to do I also wrote the entry on credit but I scheduled the credit entry to appear today, at 8am no less.  “That’ll fuck ’em” I thought, not only would I have given the appearance of writing 2 entries in 2 days, it would look like I was busying away at the keyboard at 8am when the reality is I was asleep in bed after sitting up until 7am watching episodes from season 3 of Hereos, come on who could possibly think it wrong to stay up all night in the company of Hayden Panettiere??

Well, imagine my dismay when I checked the blog and discovered my Pulitzer prizewinning award entry was nowhere to be seen!  Several slugs of vodka later I was out of bed and hopping mad, that’ll teach me to look for the glass when I get out of bed in future, a quick check on the support forums and I lost myself in talk of cron jobs, it seems no one is capable of explaining it in English, just Geek-speak, so I’m working on a system of trial and error.

Yes, you guessed it, this entry is the trial :)  I shall attempt to schedule this entry for later today and see if the changes I’ve made make any difference, if not i shall give it anotehr 10 minutes of research before giving up and returning to my reliable system of blogging whenever I can be bothered, you have been warned!


I wrote this entry at 4.30pm and scheduled it for 4.45pm  it’s now 6.25pm, I took slightly longer than 10 minutes to research it further and think I know what the problem is, now I just have to find a solution!

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