When 2 become 1

I’ve started to appreciate I’m at an age where the body is failing. Aches and pains fill my days and the nights are sleepless, it won’t be long before old Father Time pays me a visit and puts me out of my misery… or I could stop winging and get on with living, sometimes it just feels like a long, Rip Van Winkle style sleep would be preferable!

So, what’s been happening I hear you ask?  Well, I’ve had a house guest.  Yana from Moscow came back to London to stay with Mr McPot.  When i heard this news I wasn’t sure who was crazier, her for returning or him for agreeing to let her stay with him for 2 weeks.  I mean come on… 2 weeks?!  In the end I think they managed 7 or 8 days, still quite impressive if you ask me.  Rather than leave her to the mercy of over-priced London hotels I offered her the use of my living room and the guest bed, the best £40 I ever spent it seems.

As house guests go she was OK.  She bought chocolates, ironed my shirts and didn’t leave toe nail clippings on the floor.  It was mildly amusing when she got lost one night and sent me a message asking me to open the door, which I thought strange as she had keys.  Upon opening the door I found no one there so sent her a message back asking where she had gone.  It transpired she was in the next street, wondering why the door and house appeared different.  One thing I have to say however, her boss is a bitch.  Although Yana was on ‘holiday’ her boss called her on average 6-10 times a day to discuss work and Yana was too timid to tell her to piss off, the look of fear in her face when I told her I  had sent a text to her boss and told her to leave her alone was priceless… I only wish I had done it now :p

In other news I had an amusing telephone conversation with Sara and her friend Natalie on Sunday night.  There’s is something quite amusing about talking to drunk people when you are sober, more so when you remind them about it and they have no recollection, no matter how much they protest and say they remember ‘everything’.  I’m guessing I’m entering ‘dating’ territory as Sara says her friends all want to meet me… How did this happen?  A couple of theatre shows, the cinema and now I’m meeting the friends… am I expected to reciprocate and introduce her to my friends??  If so, where do I find these friends, is there a rent-a-friend site I can sign up to and no, I don’t mean facebook!

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