The Circus is coming to town!

I’m quite excited and yet I can’t help but feel I should be hiding my excitement as I’m not sure that a man of my advanced years should be admitting to what I’m about to admit to.  Now, you may think that my revelation that I liked Wham was revelation enough, “How could Mr Omneo top that?” you may well ask.  Well, in case you decided not to ask that question I shall just imagine you did and answer it for you.

Britney Spears is performing at London’s O2 Arena in June and I fully intend being there to witness her performance, even if it means sitting in row Z of the upper tier of Block 413!  Now, as is often the case, I’m a late convert to Britney, truth be told I preferred Christina’s dirrrrty sound more but I’m not sure what happened to Christina, her style went too off the wall and her voice was never quite matched with songs that revealed it’s worth still, she might bounce back but it’s too late for me.  I’ve given my soul away to Britney if she says, “Jump!” I will ask, “How high?” assuming of course she doesn’t say, “From the top of the O2 Arena!

Aside from Britney’s physical attributes, lets face it she is pretty and hot.  She also has a pretty good voice and damn, the girl can churn out a tune or six!  I particularly like some of the dance remixes, the Tiesto Club Remix of Piece of Me is something to behold.  I’ve been listening to her new album, Circus and you know what? It’s pretty good, some tracks are better than others, but what did you expect?  I expect some cracking remixes to come from this album.

So, I’ve been trying to figure out what track I should throw in to this post, would it be fair to add any? I mean… are you worthy of it? Yes, I know you are, if you have the good taste to read my blog you are obviously worthy of a spot of Britney but which track?!  Now, there are 12 tracks on the standard retail album with a bonus track making 13 in total so what should it be?  The title track? The bonus track? or maybe Unusual You, the track I’m listening to right now?

Hmmm… I don’t know,  perhaps I should just stick the album on shuffle and let iTunes decide? Aha! I think we have a winner… Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the scrumptious Miss Britney Spears performing Kill The Lights

ps/ Britney, in case you are reading this and ever feel like you’d like to swap Miss Spears for Mrs Omneo I’m willing to give up my singleton status for you, hell I’ll even become Mr Spears if you want to stick with your name… I’m a forward thinking man albeit a dreamer ;)

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