Cause and Effect

Finally I woke up this morning and didn’t feel like I had spent the night breathing through a straw that someone had filled with cotton wool. It still felt like I was breathing through cotton wool, just not restricted to a straw’s width worth.

It’s typical though really isn’t it? I book a week off work thinking I’d have time to chill out, catch up with friends and make merry before this god-awful thing they call Chris-T-Mass rears it’s ugly head and screws things up. Instead, on the Friday of the staff lunch I wake up feeling like shit but determined to have my free meal so I stop off at the chemist before I get to the office to stock up on cold remedies.

As far as I can recall the lunch was good, it’s hitting the bar afterwards that strikes me as hazy… arguing with some Aussie who was celebrating the 5th anniversary of his fathers death by hitting his sister, turns out Daddy was a Glaswegian, nothing like the sins of the father following the child! From there it all went quickly or perhaps that was just the Sailor Jerry?!

My only other recollection was sitting in the back of a minicab heading home and seeing the look on the cab drivers face when I told him I couldn’t remember where I lived, I could remember number 99 but the road? No such luck… “Take me to the B&Q!” I said… no wonder the poor bloke asked for the money up front! Saturday morning saw me curse leaving the cold remedies at work and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get myself out of bed to go buy more… Sunday I almost came close, got dressed and showered and then discovered the damn supermarket shut at 4pm… this was at 4.20pm, back to bed for me after smothering myself with Vicks Vaporub, tears streaming down my face…

Monday, off to the chemist to stock up on goodies and some food too, it was an OK lunch on Friday but not enough to keep me going that long! Yesterday was again spent at home feeling slightly sorry for myself as I decided that I would throw caution to the wind and put the central heating on, especially as Eon had kindly written to advise me that my monthly payments would be increased by £25… Do they really think I’m going to spend £300 more on fuel this year than last?  I’ll show those bastards, I’ll warm myself against the glow of their letters as they flicker in the warm autumnal evenings…

So, as I sit here sneezing away and with each sneeze removing a layer of skin from my throat I contemplate what else I’ll do as I kick back and relax in time to return to work on Monday, I have a feeling a return to bed is going to be the order of the day; where I can sit snug and watch Crash, a TV series I’m catching up with that’s pretty good…Dennis Hopper and a stunning Israeli actress called Moran Atias it’s supposedly a spin off from some movie that won an Oscar, never heard of the film and unlikely I’ll ever watch it now but the show itself is good, especially when you’re sitting at home drinking hot chocolate and smelling like a menthol factory :)

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