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OK, so I finally caved in and visited a site that I keep hearing about, Twitter.  I have to say, although I have created a profile I’m not sure it will every really appeal to me.  From what I can gather its attraction is the fact that your messages are limited to 140 characters which seemingly is being touted as a way to reduce your on-line time.

Now, before anyone says that the reason I won’t like it is because I talk too much let me tell you that that is not the reason I’m unlikely to like Twitter, although it is directly related to the whole 140 characters limit thing.  As someone who gets sick and tired of people updating their Face Book status every 20 minutes or so I can’t imagine anything worse that getting constant updates when someone has Twittered which they will no doubt do in a bastardised form of English and text speak.

So, if you are one who twitters you will find me at for the time being.  Thanks to it’s shitty search facility I can’t find anyone else I know on there so feel free to comment here if you want me to follow you around like a lost puppy, just be sure to feed me and give me a slap if I start licking my balls. ;)

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