I spy with my little eye…

Well, one thing I don’t spy this morning is a snow plough or a gritting truck!  Despite the news proudly announcing from Thursday that the weather was going to be arctic conditions no one thought to marshal the troops and have the roads gritted and ready in time for Monday morning.  Instead a mere 6 inches of snow grinds London Transports finest to a halt, the entire bus service is suspended and 90% of the underground is, for want of a better word, fucked!

It’s really amazing, every time it snows here in London it’s the same scenario.  Transport is chaotic, schools close, people stay at home in enforced exile and everyone has a damn good moan about it.  Canadians tell us how they manage to make it in to work every day despite 20 inches of snow, likewise the residents of North Dakota look at our pitiful excuse for snow and tell us we’ve never had it so good and of course my country folk in Scotland delight in referring to us all as Southern Softies for being unable to cope with a few flakes of the white stuff!

I’ll be interested to know if all those Brits who were striking last week over their fears that jobs were going to their EU cousins will be out striking this week or if indeed they’ll be complaining if it’s an army of Eastern Europeans that eventually dig them out of the snow in order to strike?!

Luckily for me I was going to buy some hedge trimmers to finally sort out the overgrown beast that used to be a hedge but the cheap cordless set at B & Q were out of stock so I decided not to buy the £80 ones that were in stock and instead bought a shelf for the bathroom.  I had also planned on buying some broom heads to replace the ones I already have, ironically one was to sweep the path outside as I remember the last time it snowed and I fell on my arse almost as soon as I stepped out the door!  For reasons best known to themselves, B & Q don’t sell broom heads separately, you need to buy the whole broom which begs the question, why make broom heads with screw-on fittings if you can’t buy anything to bloody screw on?! I currently have 3 broom handles and 2 brooms that need new heads.

I wonder if I tie the broom handles together if I could use them as skis and get to work that way?!

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