Phew…It’s hot in here!

So, after 2 days of working from home I ventured out and went to work.  I have to say, I much prefer working at the office because I don’t have to work as hard!  Whilst in some respects it’s nice to stay at home and work away, thanks to the powers of remote access, the downside is I end up working longer as I don’t have the distractions of telephones ringing or discussions on who is going to make the tea. Which I freely admit is seldom me!

I chuckled this morning as I read the letters page in the newspaper, someone complaining that everyone under 40 was a namby pamby for staying home during the snowfall and not having any backbone, I’ll no doubt be saying the same in 50 years time when people stop leaving the house when it rains! Then this evening on the bus home I overheard a a conversation with a passenger and the driver, it went like this:

  • Passenger: The heater is blowing out cold air instead of hot.
  • Driver: Yes I  know, it’s not working.
  • Passenger: Can’t you switch it off then?  It’s already cold enough.
  • Driver: No I can’t, don’t blame me, I’m just doing what I’m told.
  • Passenger: What? You mean you’ve been told to leave it on blowing out cold air?
  • Driver: Yes, that’s what the engineers have told me to do.
  • Passenger: But we’re all freezing, can’t you just switch it off and no one will tell the engineers.
  • Driver: No, I know it’s cold but it’s not my fault.
  • Passenger: This is crazy there is a young woman with a baby in a pram who is cold.
  • Driver: Look, I told you it’s not my fault now please sit down or I’ll have to ask you to get off the bus.

At this point the passenger, an elderly man, shook his head in disbelief and I have to say I was with him 100% as I sat there with an icy blast numbing my leg, all I can say is that when I eventually got off the bus and almost slid on my backside in the ice it actually felt warm to my left leg! It’s nice to know that bus drivers listen to their instructions, one only hopes the driver is never told to drive her bus off a cliff by the engineers to test its impact resistance!

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